Denis J.

This is my first electric skateboard and I have no regrets that I ordered it from YeePlay! I have it for around 2 months, I made over 200 km (over 124 miles) and I have no issues at all. Maximum distance I am getting is between 26-29 km (16-18 miles) in ECO mode. I mostly use ECO mode, because there is no good terrain to ride 40km/h, but I did small test on vacation in range of 200-300 meters, where I got maximum speed of 35 km/h in Expert mode. I guess I could rich full 40km/h in PRO mode in that short distance.


I love this product when i got it i was so excited to test it and it didn’t fail me. I've been using it since then..its cheap but has a very good quality and its crazy fast..why buy a more expensive one when you can buy this? I would buy this again and again..and costumer service is also great when i ask them about the product they respond in an instant..i give this product a two thumbs up and a 5 out of 5 star..great job yeeplay.. :)


I absolutely love my yeeplay skateboard. It arrived really quickly and was packed really well and ready to go. Everything was really easy to understand. It goes really fast and is really well priced. It has brought me hours of joy already. I like the deck design, I like the flex, the big wheels, and the remote. It has a great breaking system and reverses easily. I love it and highly recommend it to people of any age. I like the way it rides and how it feels.