Yeeplayboard M3

  • Yeeplayboard  M3
  • Yeeplayboard  M3
  • Yeeplayboard  M3
  • Yeeplayboard  M3
  • Yeeplayboard  M3
  • Yeeplayboard  M3
  • Yeeplayboard  M3


Yeeplayboard M3



About Remote:

2.ECO 15MPH / 25KMH


    WHAT’S NEWS ON Yeeplay M2S(38inches)

    UPGRADED BATTERY - The Yeeplay M3 has a SIGNIFICANTLY improved battery which allows you to maintain high speeds, even as your battery is running low.
    UPGRADED ESC-The Yeeplay M3 has a better ESC, it brakes and accelerates smoother.
     WHEEL REMOTE-Better feeling when you control the acceleration and brake,4 battery indicator.
    UPGRADED BEARING-Zealous bearing, Pushable and much less Resistance, get an extra 10% range with the same battery.
    UPGRADE BUSHING-Soft bushing, Better shockproof effect




    Powerful 7.5AH:16-20 miles 
    Powerful 10.0AH:20-25 miles 
    The actual range will be affected by road conditions, the rider weight, temperature (via affect battery cell performance).etc 




    Max Load

    Concave and convex deck:comfortable riding feeling
    Material: 8layers of maple  
    Max load: 280 pounds (150 kg), and recommending riding weight is 264 pounds and below
    REGENERATIVE BRAKING - Our intuitive system charges the battery as you brake.


    16.7 lb(7.6 kg)


    Packing List:

    1. Yeeplay Whiteboard M2S*1PCS
    2. wireless remote*1PCS
    3. charger*1PCS(US, AU, or EU plug according to your location)
    4. tool *1PCS
    5. anualm *1PCS

    Payment method:  Paypal


    1. UPS / DHL / EMS / HK EMS / FEDEX / TNT, etc. (door to door service), if there is no special requirement, we will give priority to DHL service. 

    2. Express logistics
      1. Delivery time
      . The customer places an order for delivery within 2-4 working days.
      2. Delivery time
      Europe: 10-15 working days
      United States: 7-15 working days
      Canada: 12-15 working days
      Now is the period of the new coronavirus, the normal order time is 25-35 days to receive the skateboard, the normal order is the price reduction, saving more than 80 US dollars
      If you want to receive the skateboard as soon as possible, tell us next that you need to increase the shipping cost.


    Q: What is the delivery time? 
    A: According to your order and quantity specifications, it usually takes about 2 working days for production. 

    Q: What are your payment terms? 
    A: We usually accept T / T or L / C as the main payment terms, other payments can also be negotiated (eg: PayPal) 

    Q: What is your warranty term? 
    A: We provide different warranty periods for different parts, usually 3 months. 

    Q: Do you have a product in stock? 
    A: Yes, we must deliver the product based on your order time. 

    Q: How does your factory handle quality control? 
    A: Quality is a top priority. We always attach great importance from the beginning of production to quality control. Each product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packaging and shipping. 

    Q: Did you deliver the correct product according to my requirements? How can I believe you? 
    A: Yes, we will. The core of our corporate culture is honesty and loyalty.


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