We back up our products with three months warranty. If somehow you experience quality issues with our board, please email us directly. We will help you find where the problem is and offer you the free replacement parts. Shipping costs are to be collected. If the three months warranty expires, we will still offer you replacement parts at very low prices so you can get your board fixed and continue riding. 



No Returns!!! The reason for this policy is that shipping the electric skateboard back to China is impossible due to the battery capacity well over 99 watt-hours and no express companies in your countries would accept to ship it. Also, our margin is verrrrrry thin. We cannot afford the expensive Chinese import taxes. So if the board somehow fails to satisfy you, please contact us. We will never stop until your problems are solved.


RefundRefund will only be available before the order gets shipped. No refund will be issued after a board gets shipped as once it gets shipped, we have no way of getting it back to us. Please understand this and thank you.